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Minimize, Downsize, Purge - Whatever You Call It, Call It Done!

August 16, 2017

Minimize, Downsize, Purge - Whatever You Call It, Call It Done!

Stuff. As a society, we are incessantly being advertised to by companies to buy more, accumulate more, hoard more stuff. Even if we already have three of something, there seems to be no remorse of the feeling that a fourth of that something is a necessity. The line between "want" and "need" has taken a drastic hold on the heart of many. This way of thinking not only invades our physical space, but it also invades our emotional space. We need to be cognizant of how detrimental too much stuff can be to our personal lives. There have been several studies done that ultimately prove that having too much stuff has a real affect on health, both mentally and physically. Can you see how having too many things that provide no purpose could cause anxiety and stress? Also think about how it would feel to only own things that provide a very specific purpose. That thought alone is calming and comforting. So, let us now tackle this issue and make a change. Can you imagine getting rid of 496 items within a 31 day time period? Does that thought provoke a feeling of freedom or a feeling of panic out of resistance to disposing of that many personal items? While 496 is a very large number, it is also extremely doable when you consider how many possessions can either be sold, thrown away, or donated, that number may seem a little less intimidating once we break it down in to small sections, and begin to identify specific areas in your home. The number 496 comes from "The Minimalist Challenge" where people are being challenged to purge their homes one day at a time, with the first day of the month calling to find one thing to get rid of, the second day, two things to rid of, day three, three things to rid of, and so on. So, by the end of a 31 day month, that total comes to 496 items! They say it gets difficult around day fourteen. Don't worry, we will provide you with tools to help you on this journey! The first tool is the actual "30 Day Challenge" guideline, which is treated as a game that you can play with friends or family to help keep you motivated and focused, and can be found here: The other tool that we want to provide is from a dear friend of ours, who has an incredible system called "34 Weeks of Clean." Although her schedule is coming to an end of 34 weeks, you can use her outline and begin at any time. Her blog can be found here: https:/ Deep cleaning will begin to take on a whole new meaning, and it will be the most satisfying instant gratification. As you begin clearing out each space in your home, journal about how it makes you feel, and what your next goals are! Enjoying life with less stuff around magnifies the true treasures and blessings that we all have. 

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