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Every Day is Grandparents' Day

September 05, 2017

Every Day is Grandparents' Day

As a child, what were some of your favorite memories of your grandparents? Those priceless emotions and feelings that ignite deep within you when you think about going to Grandma & Grandpas house as a child. Exciting, entertaining, fun, no rules, eat whatever you want, cozy, accepted, loved, home-cooked meals, value-based lessons, just to name a few. Some of my most treasured memories as a child comes straight out of my grandparents' house. Grandparents are so special because they have already raised a set or two of children of their own, and likely a wide number of other children that were not their own, and they have learned the secrets to life and happiness. Grandparents are welcoming and generous, and their main concern is to know that anyone in the vicinity of their home is completely taken care of. They leave not one person with an unmet need. And oh, how precious is the relationship of a child and a great-grandparent. Some of life's rarest, sweetest moments are born out of great-grandparents witnessing their fourth generation growing up into the unique individuals they're set out to be. It's difficult to fathom all of the love that a grandparent and a great-grandparent holds, but it's prevalent and it's magnified! What an adventure grandparents are blessed with to watch their very own children become parents and form a family of their own. What do they say, again? "Grandparents get to spoil the kids, love on them like crazy, give them candy, and then send them home!" I'm close, right? How true it is, grandparents have already done their time raising kids and to have a second time over, or more, is just for the fun of it! This is where the most precious of memories are formed, as children build unshakable bonds with their grandparents; later bed times during a sleepover, special dinners, a little too much dessert, laughter, days at the beach, story times, having pancakes for breakfast, cuddling in a warm bed, watching television shows together. These all seem like such simple things, and they are, but that's the magic of Grandparents. Only they could turn these simple activities into something so exciting and memorable. Priceless, is the only word that comes to mind when thinking about every sparked emotion, every feeling, and every unforgettable memory that is created by grandparents alone. 

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