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5 (Ridiculously) Easy Tips to Be the Perfect Christmas House Guest

December 12, 2017

5 (Ridiculously) Easy Tips to Be the Perfect Christmas House Guest

They say a good host makes their guests feel special. We say a good guest makes their host feel special. The art of making a stay in someone else’s home a success is definitely a two-way street, but there’s a little more weight on the guest to make it a success. After all, you’re occupying someone else’s space and disrupting their usual routines for a certain period of time.

Often, when we’re a guest in someone else’s home, we view it as a vacation from our usual household responsibilities. Most hosts encourage their house guests to relax and not lift a finger, make themselves at home, but there are a few off-the-radar matters you can tend to that will make your host feel really great about you being there. These tips apply even in your own parents’ home. They’ll feel good seeing proof they raised a good human. Your household duties don’t stop once you cross the threshold and become a “guest.”

  1. Make your bed every morning. Yes, even if you don’t do it in your own home. Making your bed indicates respect for their space. With several extra people in the home, the place is already in a state of disarray. When your host walks past your guest room, glances in and sees the bed neatly made, it will give them a little something extra to feel good about.
  2. Hang your towel to use again. You probably do this when you stay at a hotel, so do it also when you’re staying in someone else’s home. When there are multiple guests, keep your towel in your room and hang it over a hanger from the doorknob or somewhere else that isn’t furniture.
  3. Be the first to get up early and make coffee (or tea). Your first day there, take a look around the kitchen and figure out what their go-to morning drink is. If you see a tea kettle on the stove, that’s your cue to get the water heated for their morning tea. They have a new-fangled coffee pot that leaves you intimidated? Simply ask them how the thing works. Then get up early and get it brewing. Dread the thought of getting up early? Pretend you have to be at the airport early to catch a direct flight to the Nice List. If you do nothing else, do this. Nothing makes a day start off right than someone else having started the coffee.
  4. On your last day, strip your bed. Remove all linens from your bed, grab your towel and place them in a pile in the laundry room. It’s your last opportunity to make a great impression to show that you care about making things a bit easier for them once you’re gone.
  5. Send a gift. When you return home, send a gift with a thank-you note expressing your appreciation for their hospitality and mention at least one moment or food item that really stood out for you.

 As you can see, it doesn’t take much to make the holidays more pleasant for your hosts. It’s simply a matter of being more mindful and outward-focused which is what we should all strive for at Christmas and all year long.

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